Please Read About Us

We are ALeeSa's Cake bakery in Memphis, Tennessee. Here you’ll see unbelievable, delicious homemade cakes like no other, but we have so much more: cookies, pies, pastries and other desserts. We make cakes the old fashioned way, based on recipes from France, Russia, Germany, Turkey and other different countries. Each and every cake is carefully mixed and baked by hand to create the finest cake in the world. Natural ingredients! No mixes!
We know buying a cake can be a real time-saver, but buyers should consider drawbacks of store-bought cakes. Cakes from stores are routinely produced in larger sizes and are more economical, but the taste may reflect cheaper ingredients. We make our deserts with all-natural ingredients.
We hope you and your family will enjoy the quality taste of our cakes!

*We are now selling our products at Castle Restaurant!

*Free shipping anywhere in Germantown or Cordova on orders $35 or more.  

Dear customers, please be advised, that we have different processing times for your orders:

 Cakes - require 2-3 days before pickup 

 Pies - require 1 day before pickup 

 Pastries - require 1 day before pickup