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Napoleon Cake

Napoleon Cake

"Napoleon" was and remains to be one of the most popular cake. The cake comes out soft, moist and delicious.

It is believed to have been developed in France during the latter part of the 19th century. The Danish people have been told for generations that a Danish royal pastry chef invented the dessert way back in the 1800s on the occasion of a state visit between the Emperor Napoleon and the King of Denmark, in Copenhagen. Some sources believe that the chocolate lines on the pastry appear to form the letter 'N' for Napoleon.

A final story or tale is that the dessert was really a French invention after all, and that it was Napoleon's favorite pastry. It is said that he ate so many of them on the eve of Waterloo that he lost the battle. Napoleon pastry - it is known as mille-feuilles in France.

Ingredients: butter, eggs, flour, milk


$ 40.00